Thursday, August 23, 2007

Off to Namma Bengalooru..

Oh, me so excited. Our traveling plans to India got confirmed only yesterday and I am on my toes ever since. You know last minute shopping, packing etc. And, I am not yet done though, there’s lot more to buy for my parents n brother, for my in-laws, my aunts, his aunts, my cousins, his cousins, my friends, his friends..............the list never seems to end. Not that I am complaining or something. It’s just the sheer excitement of shopping for all. :) I wish I owned a super store which had all the things I would want to take back home and never have to worry about the bills. Funny eh?!

This would be my first visit to Bangalore after my marriage. So, it’s all the more exciting. I've planned on doing so many things there: eating churmuri, pav bhaji from those small road side shops near Sajjan Rao Circle, Masala Dose in Vidyarthi Bhavan, and Pineapple Pastry from Sweet Chariot and of course loads and loads of shopping in Commercial Street and Avenue Road. Oh, I just can’t wait to land there.

And for my blog: well, not sure how much time I can spare to do this with all the above mentioned activities lined up. But don’t you worry folks, I will be introducing you all to my mother and to my MIL...So, I will definitely log in and read your posts. And also, I am looking forward to get some authentic recipes for Asha's
RCI Karnataka. Asha, I would love to participate. I will try my best. Miss you all girls.

Let me now get back to my last minute chores.

Bangalore........... I am coming!



Asha said...

YIPPEE!! I am excited for you! So much shopping to do for you and packing all those.Phew! Better get on with it all.
Looking forward to hearing from you with the details of all you ate there and dishes you are going to send me! YESSSS!!!!:D
Have a safe trip and have a wonderful time with family and friends.Hugs to you. Enjoy:))

kavita said...

I am so envious of you!!!!!!! well have a nice time with your family and friends, hopefully your hubby will not see the blog and have nightmare of your spending plans:-) if possible learn some new simple receipes and enlighten us. eat eat eat .....never stop..have a safe trip

Kannada said...
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Mamatha said...

Wow Wow wow !!!
even I am getting excited hearing abt ur trip to "Namma Bengalooru"
have a safe trip, Don't forget to send me a plate (or 2-3 plates or as much as can)of masala puri from gadiwallahs,
Kayotiruve !!!

Anyways thanks for Your award,

Roopa said...

wow girl :) happy and safe trip! enjoy the yummy yummy food and come back with loads of pictures and food for us :)

ETV Girl said...

Hava nice time shimsha..I am so Happy for you dear....

Taste of Mysore said...

ooi so I can see you in Bangalore then? ;)) I am leaving to India on Sunday. Enjoy your trip. I also have a list to eat and blog :)). Happy Ganesha Chaturthi in advance!

Grihini said...

Thankyou all for your sweet wishes. I did enjoy my trip a lot, but it was too short. None the less, had a gala time.