Wednesday, September 19, 2007

3 weeks later and 4 pounds gained.....

After what could be called as a hectic vacation in India, I am back to USA and to the blogging world. Really, a three week vacation is too short a period to be visiting home. But the little time I got to spend there was worth every minute of it. And I can live for another year cherishing those memories.
I was telling my friends that I can summarize my vacation in one word , ok two words : Bhagam Bhag! Yeah, it was similar to that movie, running all the time from one place to another...always on the toes. That was how crazy it was.

Traffic in Bangalore has gotten worse. Believe me, I would have been the last person on earth to complain about my Bangalore, but this time, I give up. I've lived all my life in this city and I’ve always been loyal to it and defended the city when all my friends were complaining. But this time, it was too much for me to withstand. It seems there are like 800 vehicles added on to the Bangalore roads every day, but the city's roads remain the same. The new flyovers being built are not of much help either. And to add to the woes, it was pouring cats and dogs there. This added to the misery of roads. My husband and I were stuck waiting for an auto for more than half an hour near Forum, Koramangala. And we had to pay Rs.100 to the Auto driver to have him drop us off to our house, which was like just 6kms away!

Ok, will stop whining. But whatever it may be. I still love Bangalore. The city looked lush green with all the rains, it was beautiful!

I am already missing all my folks back home. I miss the timely manner in which my MIL or my Mother served food. I didn’t have to cook for all those 3 weeks there. And it being a month of festivals, I got lot of sweets and savories to eat. Am scared to step on my weighing machine now ;) And as planned, I did visit my favorite places to eat and shop. How much ever I did it all, I still wish I had a little more time to do some more. I know we humans are greedy: at least I am in this matter! ;)

And in all that bhaag-daud, my blog took a back seat. I could neither take pictures nor note down the recipes. I will have to wait for another year to post those yummy goodies in my blog. Until then, will continue to post whatever little I have learnt or will learn on the way.

And thankyou my dear blog friends for having wished me for my good trip. I really did. :)


Asha said...

G, you are scaring me with your traffic story.We need to make a trip too but keep on postponing! Last time I went there, my throat closed up and had black soot in my nose from all the pollution.
Atleast , you git fed well girl! Never mind about the wt, it will be come off now very quickly!;D

Grihini said...

Dont you worry Asha...its not very bad at all. But one feels bad seeing what the city has become. Hope you'll have a trip to India soon. :)

Deepa said...

yup I agree to your opinion on B'lore;especially since we're suffering everyday.Its become a madhouse of vehicles.Everytime we venture out,we pray that let everyone else remain in their homes so that we could reach our destination without a traffic jam.But for the climate and the opportunities this city offers we would've run away years ago..

Grihini said...

Deepa: I too feel the same way before going out in B'lore :)