Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cucumber Raitha

I came across this very simple yet delicious raitha on one of the blogs. You can find its original source from A Mad Tea Party here.

Its similar to the cucumber raitha we make back home with thick yogurt and chopped cucumber. But this recipe calls for lemon juice and garlic. And is known as Greek Cucumber Raitha. Not sure as to why the word Greek is in there. Well.., this raitha sure tingled my love for garlic.

I mixed 2:1 ratio of Plain yogurt (home made) and Light Sour cream. Tossed over cucumber chunks (after washing, peeling and seeding) and Garlic. I actually grated garlic very finely and toasted for few seconds in microwave. Lastly, I added salt, black pepper powder to taste and also 2-3 drops of lemon juice. Since I was using sour cream, I didn't want the lemon juice to make it too tangy.

Refrigirate this for about 30-40 mins before serving. Tastes delicious with Peas Pulav or even Vegetable Pulav. Its a great way to beat the summer heat!

Thankyou 'A Mad Tea Party' for this amazing recipe. :)


Asha said...

Hi G! In Greece, it's called Tatziki, similar to Raita. I aways add garlic pd to raita,tastes great! Enjoy:)

Happy cook said...

I like raita and i didn't know there was cucumber called greek cucumber.

Grihini said...

Asha: so good to see you back! How was ur vacation? Thanks for the li'l info on Tatziki

HappyCook: I am not sure if there is any vegetable called as Greek Cucumber. The raitha is called as Greek cucumber raitha. I like the way it sounds though :)

kavita said...

Grihini....we had been to a greek restaurant long back and i liked the sandwich, i guess they had used a ranch kind of thing similar to the one you have mentioned, i was reluctant to ask them the receipe, but i tried your greek raita, added a pinch of chilli powder and it went very well with Veg pulav. hubby liked it...thanks

Grihini said...

Kavita: Yes, a pinch of chilli powder will make a difference. Am glad u liked it.
I keep looking forward for ur comments, atleast there is somebody trying out my recipes :) thanks again.