Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sauthekaayi Avalakki OggaraNe - Poha with Cucumber

In the last few months I was so used to waking leisurely in the morning (read 8:30-9AM!), that when I visited Bangalore recently, I literally had to pull myself out of bed to wake up early. Yeah..I was at my in-laws house and I didn’t want to give them an impression that their daughter-in-law is one lazy bum! :)

On one of those early mornings, i.e. around 7:30ish, still with heavy eyes (and jet-lag too), I went into the kitchen and saw my MIL (Mother-in-Law) peeling a cucumber.

Naanu: Athe, yen maadtha iddira? Naanu help maadla?
Athe: Illa bedamma. Sauthekaayi thuri beku ashte.
Naanu: Kodi, naanu maadkodthini. Yen thindi maadtha iddira?
Athe: TV-li hosa ruchi thorisidru. sauthekaayi haaki avalakki oggarane maadodu. Adanna maadona antha.
Naanu: Sauthekaayi na? Adu avalakki jothe...???? hmm. Kodi, naanu thuridu kodthini.

Loosely translated in English:

Me: Athe (MIL), what are you doing? Do you need some help....?
MIL: No, it’s ok. I just have to grate the cucumber.
Me: Give that to me, I'll do it. What’s for breakfast though?
MIL: There was this new recipe on TV the other day: Sauthekaayi Avalakki OggaraNe - Poha with Cucumber. I am doing that.
Me: Cucumber? And with Poha....???? Hmm. Give that to me, I will grate the cucumber for you.


And then, within minutes before my eyes, breakfast was ready. I must confess, my MIL is an amazing cook. And what I like about her is the ease with which she makes. Even the complicated dish is done in few minutes and without any noise. And she does not mess the kitchen, its always sparkling clean.

The next day, I went to my Mother's place. After the initial greetings and chit-chatting, we both (Mom and me) realized we were hungry. Had to be..we hadn’t had our breakfast that day!
So, while I surveyed the house, garden and my old-bedroom (to check on what's changed during my absence) my mother went into kitchen to make something quick and light for us to eat.

She calls for me that breakfast is ready.

Naanu: Mummy, Ishtu bega yen thindi maadidri?
Mummy: Adu... TV li, hosa ruchi thorisidru. Sauthekaayi Avalakki anthe.. maadidini. Thindu nodu hege ide antha.
Naanu: ahhhhhhhhh, mathe ade na!



Me: Mummy, what did you make so quickly?
Mummy: The other day on TV, they showed a new recipe. It's Sauthekaayi Avalakki OggaraNe - Poha with Cucumber. Try this and tell me.
Me: ahhhhhhhhhhh, not again!


So in the matter of two days I got to taste this new recipe twice. I liked it though. It’s also a good Jain Breakfast as there is no onions involved in this. Here goes the recipe for Sauthekaayi Avalakki OggaraNe - Poha with Cucumber.

Gatti Avalakki/Thick Poha/Beaten Rice: 3 big handful of it.
Cucumber: 1 Medium sized
Ginger: small piece
Green Chillies: 2-3
Turmeric powder: 1/4 spoon
Groundnuts: 6-7 (optional)
Yellu/Sesame Seeds: 1/2 spoon (optional)
Grated coconut: 1/4 cup or per taste
Coriander Leaves

For OggaraNe/tempering:
Mustard seeds
Channa Dal
Curry Leaves
Red Chilli: 1-2
Asafoetida: a pinch

Wash Avallaki (I wash it twice) with water and keep aside.
Peel and grate (use the big eye of the grater) cucumber.

Add in the grated cucumber to Avalakki/Poha and mix it well. The poha should get soaked in cucumbers juice.

Now, heat a little oil in a cooking pan. Fry the groundnuts and keep aside.

To the same oil: Temper it with mustard, jeera, channa dal, curry leaves, Red chillies and Asafoetida. Add in green Chillies and finely chopped ginger. Add turmeric too.
Also add sesame seeds and pre-fried groundnuts.

Now, add in the Poha soaked in cucumber. Add salt as per taste. Mix it thoroughly. Cook for about 3-4 minutes. Turn off the heat.

Garnish with grated coconut, lemon juice and finely chopped coriander leaves.

Sauthekaayi Avalakki OggaraNe is ready. Serve it hot/warm with pickles, curds etc.

Total time: 7-8 minutes
Serves: about 2 people

Note: Instead of grating cucumber, you could also chop them and use in the same way. Those little chunks of it you get while eating ..is yummy!


Asha said...

Athe , amma ibru onde tara show nodi onde thara adige madthara!!:D
Double dose of southekayi avalakki Oggarane for you. Looks great thogh,I will try too without TV show but with your blog! Hahaha!!

kavita said...

Welcome back G..
Those are nice pictures of the sweets!!! I miss them. I tried the sauthekaaayi avalakki and as you said it was quick and tasty. No wonder your MIL and Mom tried it. Ofcourse I added some onions and it was really good. Onemore superfast food from G…you are making my life a lot easier:-) Thanks

Roopa said...

yum nan favorite avalakii. actually chopping the cucumber makes it crunchy than grating. We do add jaggery with it too. yum bayali neeru barutha ide :)

Taste of Mysore said...

ummm....hosaruchi Grihiniavre. Omme try maadi nodthini.

Grihini said...

Thankyou all. Let me know how this hosa-ruchi turned out to be. :)

Asha: Double dose chennagithu!

kavita: Hey, you are back. I was wondering about u. Thanks for visiting my blog again. :)

Roopa: Next time bella haaki try maadthini.

ToM: lakshmi, India-dalli maja maadtha iddira. Irli irli.. :)

Shweta Sonny said...

hey ur blog :)

Ambicajyothi said...

hi..nice blog..nice reciepies