Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rockin' Award

Heeeeeeeeeeee, I can't stop smiling, heeeeeeeeeeeeeee. yeah, I will control it for a while and tell you all the reason for my 32-teeth wide smile.

Roopa, a dear blog friend of mine from My Chow Chow Bhath gave me the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yeah I know. I will stop that now. My heartiest thanks to you Roopa. You rock! ;) And btw, Roopa you were the first visitor to my blog and also to leave a comment.

Thankyou my dear fellow bloggers for inspiring me and my readers for giving the much needed motivation through your comments.

Its my first blog award and comes within a month of my first blog........yiiipeeeeeeeeeeee :)))))))))))))))))))))
Folks, this means a lot to me.

I would want to pass this award on to other Rockin' Girl Blogger : Mamatha of KarnatakaRecipes

One last time, please .. heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Asha said...

Enjoy G!!:))

Roopa said...

Thanks dear for passing it! dear wat to update with her name too!

Grihini said...

Thankyou Asha. I always look forward to seeing your comment every time I post a new one and you never dissapoint me :) You rock too!!!!!!!!!!

Roopa, thankyou again. I hope you are feeling better now.

kavita said...

CONGRATS G... way to go

Grihini said...

Thanks kavita.

Mamatha said...

Thanks G,
I will humbly accept it