Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sapsige Soppina Rotti - Rotti with Dill Leaves

Sapsige Soppu/Dill Leaves: These green feathery leaves are very soft and flavorful. Back home (Karnataka), Dill Leaves are used to make Uppittu (Upma), Pulav, Curry and other dishes. I am going to show you how to make Rotti with Dill Leaves - Sapsige Soppina Rotti. In Kannada these leaves are also known as Sabasige Soppu.

Earlier, I had written about how to make Akki Rotti. Now, this one (Sapsige Soppina Rotti) is similar in making Akki Rotti but it also includes some masala's, onions, carrots and of course the leaves.


Rice Flour: 2 cups
Onions: 1 Medium
Carrot: 1 Big or 2 Medium
Sapsige Soppu/Dill Leaves: a small bunch
Ginger: a small piece
Green Chillies: 2-3 as per taste
Few Curry Leaves
Grated Coconut (optional): 1/2 cup

Jeera/Cumin Seeds: 1/2 spoonChanna Dal: 1 spoon
Salt: As per taste


Sieve Rice flour in to a large mixing bowl.
Finely chop onions, green chillies and ginger.
Wash and chop the Dill leaves, Curry leaves
Peel and grate Carrots
Grate coconut or use frozen coconut. (This is optional)

  • In a large mixing bowl, add all the above ingredients and mix gently.
  • Add hot water into this mixture and with a spoon mix it until the dough comes together. Once cooled, knead with hands to form dough consistent enough to spread.
    Make round balls of equal proportions, about the size of Clementine, from the dough.
  • Start heating the tava/griddle on Medium-heat.
  • On a flat surface, spread a wet cloth or a thick plastic sheet/wax paper. Take one ball at a time, and spread the dough with your palm. Make sure to pat it to even. The spread should not be too thin or too thick.
    I make a small hole in the middle, just to get the crispiness in the middle ;)

  • Transfer the Rotti onto the hot tava. Be careful while doing so.
    (Lift the 2 side edges of the cloth/wax paper and pop it down (Rotti side down) on to the tava. Remove the cloth/wax paper once transferred)
  • Spray oil on the Rotti. After 2-3 minutes, flip over the Rotti and cook again for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown. Let the heat on the stove remain the same (medium hot).
    Cook for an extra minute if you like your Rotti's to be crunchy.

Hot, hot Sapsige Soppina Rotti's are ready to be served. These aromatic Rotti's are a delight to the eyes, to the taste buds and to the tummy of course. Enjoy!

Serving Suggestions:

These Rotti's taste good as they are. I generally prefer to savor it with a cup of curd/yogurt and mango pickle. Coconut Chutney or any type of chutney or gojju will also go well with this. A dollop of ghee or butter isn't bad either ;)


Asha said...

Wish I could grab that rotti off the screen! Slurp!! Tumbe ruchiyagi kaanutte, naanu madale beku!:D

Roopa said...

looks yum nan favorite roti :) its long since i cooked too!

Archy said...

Nodakke tumba ne chennagi kanta ede..!! Nanu madi nodtini Sabaske roti..!!

Bharathy said...

Thanks for visiting my place,dear!:)

So these are called DILL leaves...hmm.. came across fresh bundles of these in Madikeri road sides and started inspecting them, totally unaware of them..has a faint flavour too..
Enjoyed the conv between you and your MIL...Cool as cucumber...if she has ever visited this wonderful place of yours she can never mistake you for a Lazy girl,for sure..:)

KayKat said...

That is a really novel recipe: dill in roti. I can't quite imagine how that would taste, guess I should try it out :)

J said...

Rotti looks tempting!

zlamushka said...

Very interesting looking roti. In Slovakia we use tons of dill, so this one looks something like I know I would enjoy.

Grihini said...

Asha, Roopa: Maneli Rotti maadi, bega nangu parcel maadi :)

Archana: Neevu kannada-davaru antha thilidi thumba santosha. Try maadi heli, hege banthu rotti antha.

Bharathy: Yes, Dill leaves are very aromatic. I love them 'cos of its smell. Thankyou for reading my blog. Please do come again :)

Kaykat: Welcome to my blog world. This Rotti tastes awsome. Please do try it out.

Jyothsna: Thankyou :)

Zlamushka: Thanks for stopping by. I didnt know they grow these Dill Leaves in european countries. U'll find that this rotti tastes good with Dill in there.

Kalyn Denny said...

Sounds delicious. I've only had roti in restaurants, but I liked them a lot. Welcome to WHB too!

Anh said...

This is so lovely! I am gonna try this rotti out for sure! Thanks for sharing... :)

Rajashree said...

rotti thumba chennagi eththu.
thx :)
nimma blog kooda chennagi edhe.

PaakaPriya said...

Thanks for the nutritious akki rotti recipe. Tried it today and was absolutely delicious

Dibs said...
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Dibs said...

Made some mess, of the comment, and then deleted it too! This link came to me from Lakshmi of tate of mysore. Rotti looks wonderful!