Thursday, October 11, 2007

Worldspace Online Radio

Hi All,

Could not wait to share a little piece of info with you all... especially to my fellow Indian Bloggers with ears for music.

MSN India has launched an online Worldspace Radio. It’s still a beta version though. You can listen to 5 music channels 24hrs FREE for a limited time!

They have:

Farishta - Bollywood Oldies: our old is gold Hindi songs. It takes us back the memory lane.

Sparsha - Kannada Hits: variety of songs from old to the present hits.

Gandharv - Hindustani Classical: what can I say... Listen for yourself.

Shruti - Carnatic Music: for those really carnatic music buffs

Spandana - Telegu Hits: I personally haven’t heard it yet.

You can either register for a trial version or you can subscribe for just $9.99/month. (No, I am not campaigning for them)

You can sign up here

Enjoy and happy weekend!!!!!!!


Lapa said...




Please, add it to your favourites.

bee said...

thanks. i would love to listen to the classical channels. and some hindi oldies.

Siri said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog which led to urs.. nice piece of info though.. I love listening to radia..:D

Taste of Mysore said...

Thanks for the info Grihini. Btw I liked your Mr.Torty photo and also the spasige rotti post. Sapsige soppina rotti was my first post on TOM. Its one of my fav too.


Thanx for the Info grihini,I have little interest in carnatic music..:)

Sirisha Kilambi said...

haha... Grihini....useful info take a look these melodies all the time sounds too good :-)

Asha said...

I have a HUGE collection of Hindi oldies,as old as 50s!! Thanks for this too G:))

Kalpana said...

We got it(World space radio kit) free when we subscribed for India Today / Outlook magazine, I guess.

Kalpana said...

We got it(World space radio kit) free when we subscribed for India Today / Outlook magazine, I guess.

Timepass said...

You have a nice collection of recipes. Ur photo blog is good too.Brought back lovely memories of manali and london

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the info....I would love to visit all of them as I really love different forms of music especially the carnatic & the classical ones...nice post!

Roopa said...

Thanks for sharing Grihini:) and well i am doing fine check out my post today thanks for enquiring !see you :)

Wellingtonbala said...

Thanks for the info G.

Grihini said...

Am glad to have shared this. :)